The Passion Behind the Craft

The Passion Behind the Craft


Masters of the eyewear craft, Monza Life exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship that seamlessly integrates culture, creativity, and the utmost in quality.

The Source

From a Prefecture in Japan. Our Japanese factory has over five decades of unparalleled artistry, innovation, and technical superiority. Our assembly is all done by hand, polished, and finished to perfection.

The Metals

Using only the best pure titanium, each pair of Monza Life frames is sophisticated, durable, lightweight, and 100% Hypoallergenic. A variety of unique applications in Japanese lacquers and enamels are all applied by hand. Infusing the optimal path around the course, signature infinite racing lines from the apex to the edge are represented throughout the frame and temple design distinction.

Inspired from the excitement and heritage of the International Sport and fashion of Auto Racing, Monza Life is the new expression of authentic luxury eyewear for those who move Full Throttle through the Marathon of life.

Flashback of Legends, Speed and Sound in a magical place with a Vortex of emotions.

The Acetate

Japan’s finest cellulose acetate which is a renewable non-petroleum, plant-based material requires that each piece takes over three months and nearly 500 hours to procure with the lengthy process needed to meet the rigor of Japanese standards and governmental code for strength and durability. The extensive action includes an exhausting manual extruding process that ensures purity and consistency. Eliminating any imperfections in the cellulose culminated in curing the strongest acetate in the industry.

The Lens

Produced in Japan, Monza Life lenses are of the finest optical grade quality. 100% of harmful light rays are protected. Each lens is treated with a multi-layered, anti-reflection coating to the backside of the lens for infinite crystal-clear vision. All lenses are laser etched with our logo for authenticity.

The Finish

Senior masters assemble each pair of eyewear. Over 200 technical processes and 100 hand applications are required to produce one piece of our eyewear.